Passport to Purpose

Final boarding call on flight 111!

This is a one-way flight to purpose.

Please pay careful attention as I review  some important travel information. Please make sure that all negative baggage is tucked away and out of reach. All seatbelts are to remain fastened just incase we experience any turbulence and obstacles in life. There will be flight attendants walking by to pass out opportunities, connections, and mentorship advice. We will not wake you so please be sure to be awake when we come by. Please be courteous and supportive of those sitting in your row. For your blessings may not all come at the same time. This is a zero jealousy tolerance flight. Last but not least I want to thank you for flying flight destiny and we hope  that you enjoy yourself once we reach our destination!

This event will focus on team building exercises, implementing goals, understanding the purpose in branding and networking, and more. 


There will be a gourmet dessert station and mocktails available. Venue will be announced in confirmation email after ticket purchase. If you wish to have your business cards passed out in the gift bags there is no additional cost.  Be sure to contact me at

Please note that there are only 20 tickets available.

I hope to see you there and with a friend!

Date: 4/22
Location: Danville,VA
Time: 12pm
For one person click the solo ticket. For the buddy pass discount for you and a friend click the buddy ticket. Tickets sales end 3/28.

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