Mind over…No wait, FACE OVER MATTER : )


This girl is simply stunning and amazing! Racking in over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube she has taken the makeup world by storm in such a short period of time! I’m beyond proud of her and honored to say I know her personally.


I remember when she was just getting started and she would practice her skills, study other great makeup artists, and dedicated a lot of her time and money into perfecting her craft!


She’s definitely a hard worker and someone that I feel everyone should admire. Being so young and so dedicated to wanting to do something other than the average girl her age is what I find so inspiring.


Jaelan is a college student as well as a makeup artist so that definitely proves that you can get an education while following your dreams.


Whenever I need some quick makeup inspiration and tips I go to her channel and check out one of her many tutorials. If you haven’t checked out her channel then be sure to do so by going on YouTube and searching “faceovermatter”.


I have provided one of her videos to this page for you to check out as well!!


Follow her on Instagram and Snapchat @faceovermatter as well!!


Jaelan, from me to you I want to say…keep up the great work and remain dedicated to perfecting your craft. I am one of your BIGGEST supporters and I wish you nothing less than a successful and blessed life. May the desires of your heart be granted and God shines favor over your life!




Jocelyn Tierra

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