Take a Sneak Peek inside of Kaye's Kreations 

Jocelyn Tierra: Tell me how did you get into decorating?

Brittany Hughes: "My inspiration came from my best friend being pregnant 3 years ago and I started to get more creative in my classroom with my bulletin boards and I wanted to challenge myself so I asked her if I could create a candy buffet as a party favor for her guests. I wanted to get in touch with more of my creativity".

Jocelyn Tierra: What has surprised you the most with working in this field?

Brittany Hughes: "What surprises me the most is the amount of clients that are interested in my craft and how much feedback I receive once I present my visions/events to my social media and or friends and family. The support".

Jocelyn Tierra: What would you say you found most challenging? 

Brittany Hughes: "I have found most challenging balancing 1-2 events at the same time. My time management in teaching full time, nannying and still trying to maintain my personal life and health".

Jocelyn Tierra: Do you feel you received a substantial amount of support from your friends and family?

Brittany Hughes: "My parents support me in so many ways that it brings tears to my eyes. They’ve lost sleep and used their personal time to help me create pieces, plan and even physically help set up my events via traveling etc".

Jocelyn Tierra: Who would you say you admire most and why?

Brittany Hughes: "I admire Oprah Winfrey. I admire her because she’s creative in her own unique way. She’s a prime example of CONSISTENCY. She teaches us as woman on how to keep your faith and to never give up".

Jocelyn Tierra: What ignited your passion to work with children?

Brittany Hughes: "My hunger to help and change someone’s life ignited me to work with children. Being able to reach 1 child but a classroom of 16 all at the same time is something that I admire about teaching. To me teaching is a mirror. We see ourselves through our students in a way. As we water our own plants (students), we are also able to water ourselves with changes , challenges, etc)".


Jocelyn Tierra: Do you believe you this is what you see yourself doing for a long term career?

Brittany Hughes: "I believe that I will be pursuing this career in the future because bringing things to life ? Is my passion and it makes me happy to be able to make others happy with being able to express myself through decor all at the same time".


Jocelyn Tierra: What would you say inspired you to make Kaye's Kreations into a business?

Brittany Hughes: "Leaping with faith and doing something totally different than teaching inspired me to turn my “hobby” into a business. The amount of clientele after my first event pushed me into getting my own business and doing things the right way".

Jocelyn Tierra: Do you have any other goals with your business or plan to add any additional services?

Brittany Hughes: "My goal is to grow. I don’t want to necessarily get famous but I want just be better than I already am and I went to keep challenging myself".


Jocelyn Tierra: Let's talk about the importance of mental health and self-care. What do you do to relax from a long day of working with children or planning an event. 

Brittany Hughes: "I like to soak in the tub with a candle light and a glass of wine. I also like to read and listen to sermons online and take notes".

Jocelyn Tierra: What are some inspirational quotes, scriptures, or affirmations you tell yourself to get motivate?

Brittany Hughes: "I always tell myself that it’s okay to be in my own race, to take my time and to only worry about me and not what the next person is doing. I also remind myself that Rome was not built in a day. I pray and I tell myself to “Keep your faith and to pray until something happens (P.u.s.h)".

Jocelyn Tierra: Would you say that being well-rounded you often experience a slight issue when it comes to dating? Do you believe that men find themselves intimidated around you? 

Brittany Hughes: "I can truly say that I come across men who becomes intimidated by me when it comes to dating. I am very sure of what I want and what I bring to the table. I’m strong and I’ve been through a lot. However I am strictly open and honest about my thoughts, feelings and even how I express myself and some find that hard to deal with. (A challenge)".

Jocelyn Tierra: What other projects are you working on that you would like to share?

Brittany Hughes: "I am working on executing my first wedding as an event planner and I am very excited about this event. It will be held on December 16th 2018. Stay tuned...".

Jocelyn Tierra: Do you have any last thoughts or promotions you would like to share? How can readers follow you and keep up with projects?

Brittany Hughes: "You can contact me at: Kaye’s_kreations@gmail or Bkh2459@email.vccs.edu Follow me on IG: Kaye’s_Kreations". 


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