"Being a Single Woman in a Taken World"

One of the things I believe a lot of single women ask themselves is, "When is it going to be my time"? The answer is, it will be your time when it's your time! There's no specific date provided. I have never been the girl who guys flocked to until I got older, blossomed, and birthed a certain essence about myself. It was then the ones who once overlooked me began to look at me. Now, all stares aren't good stares. If you aren't strong enough in only settling when the one comes along then you will find yourself glancing back a little longer than you should have. I found myself settling for guys who were beneath my standards and didn't add to my value as a woman. I believe that was the insecurity inside of me. The, "If I don't date him I may never have anyone". That isn't true! There are two major places you will NOT find your soulmate, in a relationship with someone else and beneath you. Being a single woman in today's society is extremely hard because everywhere you turn you see couples on Facebook, wedding bells ringing, and children bringing about the start of a family. It became hard for me to breathe I felt suffocated from trying to be patient while also trying to find the one. It took me until recently to realize that "the one" can't be found he can only be acknowledged. Let me explain ladies, the bible says "he who finds a wife..." let's stop right there. That part alone shows that the man has to find you not the other way around. Boaz found Ruth she didn't find him. So, you can't find the one because it's not your way place to. There's a special treasure buried inside of you that only the one God gave the map to can find and appreciate. The treasure you have isn't needed for every man. You may have said to yourself like I have in the past, "Why didn't that relationship work? I know I'm a good woman". That may be true that you are a good woman. However, you just aren't his good woman. Your treasure doesn't benefit him. Some women have the gift to turn a boy into a man. Some can help a man become financially stable. Whatever your hidden treasure is it shouldn't be revealed to everybody. I made the decision to become celibate in middle school and I've kept that promise to myself. I told myself that if a man loves me enough to wait until he makes me his wife then I love him enough to only give myself intimately to him as my husband. In today's society, that isn't appreciated. I often come across guys who love to say I'm intimidating because it appears I have it all together. Here's the thing, in the flesh I know who I am as a woman and what I can bring to the table, so no I don't need a man to validate me. BUT, in the spiritual rim I know that sometimes you can only unlock a certain level with your help mate (a.k.a your spouse)! So, I said all of that to say this...being a single woman in today's society can be as beautiful or ugly as you make it! I must say I've learned more about myself as a single woman than I have in past relationships. That isn't to say I will never learn anything new about myself when I am blessed with the one. I believe that if you are single it could be a life delay on your part or your future husband. Examine yourself, find new ways to grow, you may see that in order for him to find you, you have to come up a few levels for him to see you.

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